NS TECHNOLOGIES is the ultimate platform for distributors and retailers who provide online payment services like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, bill payment,aadhar enable payment services, railway ticketing etc. We assure our clients and customers safe, secure and convenient mode of transactions. NS TECHNOLOGIES use unrivalled technology to enable next door Kirana store to function as a * MINI BANK * Branch.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

NS TECHNOLOGIES Service enabled our customers for hassle free, secure and biometric authenticated cash withdrawal ,blance enquiry and mini statement from their aadhar linked bank accounts

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Prepaid Cards

NS TECHNOLOGIES Cards can be used for your daily translations .NS TECHNOLOGIES cards are ideal way for shopping at shops, malls, movies , retardants etc. online payments

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Micro ATM Machine

Supplementary Branch Outreach is a Micro ATM network that provides convenient banking service to citizens .All in all ,this is one of NS TECHNOLOGIES’s missions to bridge the gap between the availability and accessibility of ordinary citizens providing simple banking services.

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Money Transfer Service

NS TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect money transfer app for paying out transferring money to people around in India. With its broad catalog of qualifying states, low fees, and a variety of ways receivers can access their money.

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Authorized PAN Card Center

NS TECHNOLOGIES acts as the unified platform for all service related to the application of the PAN card and all other procedures, at all .

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